FIBC Tips for The Supplement Industry

June 29, 2022 FIBC Bags
FIBC Tips for The Supplement Industry

Why do you think FIBC bulk bags are such a hit across diverse industries? They are durable, flexible, conductive, UV stable, spill-free, and versatile. They have high resistance to moisture, contamination, stress, and wear.

One industry deserves special mention for which FIBC seems like the perfect fit: The food supplementary industry.

In this blog, we explore the nature of the supplement industry and why FIBC bags are best suited for it. 

What is the Supplement Industry?

The supplement industry deals with manufacturing and selling health vitamins and dietary goods to support health and fitness. Supplements are ingestible and are available in tablet, capsule, gel, powder, bar, gummies, and liquid forms. They include multivitamins, individual vitamins (like vitamins D, C, and B), and minerals (like calcium, iron, and magnesium). 

The supplement industry has a booming market all over the world. Since the industry is involved in manufacturing products that preserve human health, they are legally liable to comply with certain safety standards and must ensure secure packaging and storage to keep products food-safe. Improper storage and transportation of nutrient products could be dangerous.

FIBC bulk bags are the best storage and transportation solutions for the industry as they are lightweight, leak-proof, spill-proof, and extremely flexible.

FIBC Bags That Are Best Fit for The Supplement Industry

Coated Bulk Bags

Coated bulk bags provide an additional layer of protection to the contents being stored or transported. An extra layer of polypropylene film acts as a sealant, making them ideal for storing free-flowing and dry dietary supplementary products. They protect the contents against contaminants like dust, dirt, and moisture. 

Sift-Proof Bags

Coated bags occasionally fail the test. In such situations, it is best advised to use sift-proof bags that have sift-resistant seams inserted into the bags at the time of manufacturing, making them impermeable to dry, powdery, flowable supplementary contents.

Food-Grade FIBC Bags

The supplementary industry is regulated by the same stringent guidelines as the food industry as they deal in medicinal products that impact human health. The food-grade FIBC bags are specially designed to keep supplements safe and are suitable to carry and store supplements as they do not alter the composition of or transfer toxic substances into the products they hold.   They are GFSI-certified bags and meet the FDA standards, hence they offer 100% safety to supplementary products.

With Anti-Static Properties

Liner bags, too, come with additional protection against contamination as they are sealed after the bag is filled to capacity.

If you’re looking for the right FIBC bag for your supplement business, your search ends here. As a reputed FIBC manufacturer, Bulk Corp International, serves the bulk packaging needs of the supplement industry with a wide range of FIBC bags. Get in touch with us for a custom quote today!

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