The Features and Applications of FIBC Q Bags

July 25, 2022 Baffle Bags
The Features and Applications of FIBC Q Bags

FIBC Bags are used to pack solid dry bulk materials across various industries. These are 100% customized bags to meet the packing requirements of the clients. Some of the common bag design options available are: U-panel, Circular and 4-panel FIBC bulk bags. In case of these 3 bag constructions, the bags after filling bulge out and lose their original square shapes when filled to their capacity. This can sometimes result in bags not easily fitting inside the truck or container in which they are to be transported. Hence, the Baffle bags were introduced to solve this issue. Baffles refer to the extra fabric panels or strings that are stitched to each of the four corners of the bag and enable it to retain its square shape when packed to the brim. Baffle bulk bags, also called FIBC Q bags, are a special type of FIBC bags that are meant to help retain the square shape of the bags and enable better & more efficient use of the available storage space.

As one of the leading FIBC Q bag manufacturers in India, we discuss some of the important features and applications of these baffle bulk bags.

The Applications of FIBC Q Bags

Baffle bulk bags are best suited for dry, free-flowing products. Contents that easily fill out the corners of the bag are sand, chemicals, petrochemicals, detergents, minerals, and agricultural products like wheat, grains, seeds, sugar, spices, etc. They can safely be stored and transported in FIBC Q bags. Sizeable products that have reduced flow cannot be endorsed for these baffle bags.

Baffle Bag Benefits

●     Baffle bulk bags build extra storage space, by at least 30%.

●     They help to retain the square packaging of the bags, preventing them from bulging unpleasantly at the sides when filled.

●     They provide for optimum utilization of space, as the contents fill all the corners of the bag, giving it a neat, compact look. You can easily pack more material within a limited space.

●     The bags are cost-efficient solutions for the storage and transportation of dry, flowing products.

●     They are easily stackable, which saves space in the warehouse.

●     They are firm, steady, and strong. These features render the baffle bulk bags stable.

●     Their robust, reinforced structural design allows safe handling.

●     They effectively preserve the quality, flavor, and composition of the food and other contents.

●     FIBC Q bags are specially designed to prevent spilling and leakage during loading, transportation, and unloading

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