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Why Should You Buy Ventilated Bags?Why Should You Buy Ventilated Bags?April 22, 2021Ventilated FIBC BagsVentilated Bags or breathable bulk bags, as they are known popularly, are specialty FIBCs with ventilation stripes on all four sides, as an additional feature. Owing to their woven PP fabric, FIBCs normally allow airflow while being sturdy, yet flexible. Ventilated FIBCs have additional air vents along with the woven fabric, which serve the specific purpose of air circulation. These air vents effectively prevent […]continue reading
Top Reasons to Use Ventilated Bags for Agricultural ProductsTop Reasons to Use Ventilated Bags for Agricultural ProductsJanuary 16, 2021Ventilated FIBC BagsPost-harvest losses are one of the biggest banes for farmers across the world. According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN), 45% of the world’s harvest of fresh produce like fruits and vegetables get damaged before they can even reach the end-consumer. One of the main causes of these losses is incorrect […]continue reading