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Management is the key functioning pillar at Bulk Corp. Our erudite leadership comprises industry experts, and professionals with a core experience in the FIBC segment. Our management team plays an integral role in shaping the company's methodology and ideas into products that are known for their excellence in the market.

Mr. Punit Gopalka

Managing Director

Punit Gopalka brings with him, experience and know-how from beyond the Indian shores. A Masters in Business Management from, Glasgow, Scotland, Mr. Punit lived in the UK for 9 years, working with some renowned multinationals, Today, he is in charge overall Marketing and Finance Departments of the company. He is a member of both TBPA (Textile Burlap Packaging Association and, USA) and FIBCA (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association, USA. Mr. Punit is a part of both these organizations, as the Board of Directors Member of TBPA and a Committee Member of FIBCA. Simultaneously, he is also the key individual in augmenting the company's presence in the international markets by reaching out and partnering with some of the best companies of the world.

Mr. Sanjay Sadavarte

Chief Operating Officer / Director

Sanjay Sadavarte brings with him multinational experience of almost 16 years in FIBC industry, 10 years of which were spent working in the core team of the world's foremost FIBC. An engineering graduate with a specialization in plastics, his extensive knowledge of operational excellence and commercial viability have been instrumental in helping some of our reputed clients get the right products for their needs. He is in charge of the overall operations, international marketing and commercial segment of Bulk Corp.

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